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Most companies, especially start ups, love to proclaim that their team is the "best" - consisting of incredibly brilliant minds with esoteric skills and sea-deep expertise in half a dozen projects and boasting of gild-edged resumes and academic profiles.

We are normal everyday folks united by a combined vision to create the world-class new age online marketplace where the prospect and prospective converge, guided by a strong belief that ordinary people can do extraordinary things when driven by passion, perseverance and dogged determination.

How many people do you need to create smart online marketplace like with potential to create more jobs, creating jobs is the only way out to get the world economy out of woods? 8000? 5000? How about one? one man can make a difference to inspire a billion.

Our philosophy is that you don't need thousand or even hundreds of engineers to build such dynamic platforms...even if it is something as broad and complicated as universal job portal. What you need are small but committed teams with the passion and hunger to make a difference...and no, you don't need superstar engineers!

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