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Do you prefer to work independently or on a team?

Do you prefer to work independently or on a team? Read answers and share your answer to this typical interview question.

Some experienced persons answers as follow:

Customer Service
I love to work in team because I learn lot from others, but if I have to work alone, then I am also fine. I enjoy working in both conditions -- I have no problems with either.

Both are Nice
Independent work sometimes seems desirable because you can manage your own time and also you have a chance to show all your talents and skills. Team work is different because you can learn from other people and learn some values and skills so you gain experience as well as learning to try to accept others' opinions.

I like both of them
Sometime i like to work on a team and sometimes I want to work independently.

Both are better in different cases
If the team components are supportable then I will prefer to work in the team otherwise it is better to complete the the job by myself, because if time is wasted in achieving a particular job the team is meaningless.

Working Independently
I prefer to work independently because when you work on a team all the compliments will be given to the team. there is no value given to your efforts, talent etc. If you work independently all your talents will be exposed.

Whatever the Position Requires
I am comfortable working as a member of a team and independently. Whatever my position requires, I'm comfortable with both.

Working On a Team
Both because I learn more working in a team and when I'm working indrpendently I enjoy completing the work alone because it gives me pride with my work.

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