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Why should we hire you?

Why should we hire you? Read answers and share your answer to the common interview questions.

Sir, as I am a fresher I don't have any previous experience with this kind of job but I have skills and I need a platform where I can put my skills and knowledge in to best use, if an opportunity is given I will definitely prove myself.
Maneesh Gupta

Sir, as I told you earlier being a quick learner, I can adjust in any environment. I have knowledge and skill required for the situation. I do work with full dedication given to me.

As I am fresher I have just theoretical knowledge, and I am looking for the platform which can provide me practical knowledge.
Also, I may be wrong sometimes in taking some decision, which can be the only reason being hired from your company. But I will try my level best that decisions taken by me are fruitful to your organisation.
Suyash .K

You should hire me because there are a lot of things to be proven about this job, and for that i can be a productive and a very competitive employee and I welcome the opportunity to develop my skills and ability.
Amithkumar .R

My resume speaks for itself. I am certified in my area. I have excellent recommendations from previous clients and most of my clients are considered Giants in their field. I am bringing with me the best practices from my last clients along with their satisfaction with my work. I have the ability to adapt. Each time I changed clients or changed project with the same clients - there is a tremendous amount of research/ learning involved to bring myself up to speed. I am used to getting out of my comfort zone whenever needed. I belong to the family of teacher and take great joy in sharing knowledge. Above all, I take great pride in what I deliver. The work I performed, the solutions I propose, the training I delivered all creates my legacy. I strongly believe that contributions of smart and hardworking employees makes the company great.
Mirza .A

I am the single person who adds the most value to the company - I am highly versatile and motivated to drive the project forward, and more importantly, I bring initiative to the company. I will go outside the requirements, and unite the company with my experienced leadership.
Dinesh .S

You should hire me because I am the best. I am reliable. I will do the task given to me to the best of my ability. I am not afraid to learn new things to further develop my ability and skills.
Subhashini .T

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