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TOPTILE Warranty - Woodgrain Ceiling & Wall Planks

WOODGRAIN CEILING & WALL PLANKS Residential & Commercial Products - Limited Warranty Products & Coverage Halstead C&W Corp. warrants that its TopTileTM Woodgrain Ceiling & Wall Planks will be free from manufacturing defects for a specified length ...【Get Price】

HALSTEAD C&W Instructions TOPTILE WOODGRAIN CEILING & WALL PLANKS Installation & Maintenance Instructions

TOPTILE Woodgrain Ceiling & Wall Planks are easily installed on level joists sheet rock flat plaster smooth ceilings and walls or on furring strips. Furring strips will provide a level installationalthough it may be necessary to use shims for irregular areas. We ...【Get Price】

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The Ceiling and Wall Planks directly install to metal or wood furring (installation clips included with each carton). ... The TopTile Woodgrain Ceiling & Wall Planks collection comes with a 15-Year limited commercial warranty and a lifetime limited residential ...【Get Price】

Woodgrain Ceiling Easy Installation Ordering is easy as 1-2-3! Fácil instalación and Wall Planks Woodgrain Ceiling and Wall Planks

and walls quickly and easily with TopTile Woodgrain Ceiling & Wall Planks. These decorative and durable laminate planks come in a variety of woodgrain patterns that will fit any décorWood Composites from traditional to contemporary. Get the rich warm look of real wood ...【Get Price】

TopTile Adirondack White Woodgrain Ceiling. what size does it come in the tile The Home Depot Community

TopTile Adirondack White Woodgrain Ceiling. what size does the tile come in. if its the planks will it work with the clip ups ... The planks fit together quickly and install directly to the ceiling or wall Flooring or wood or metal furring strips using the patented installation ...【Get Price】