how many floors in aegis cave

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May 26SevenTrust 2008 by CAPITAL BETA Updated to v1.1 on May 26 2008 Aegis Cave - Regice 2.5 - Aegis Cave - Regirock 2.6 - Aegis Cave - Registeel 2.7 - Deep Aegis Cave . Make your way through Beach Cave untill you reach the 5th floor.【Get Price】

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I already went through aegis cave and got regigigas so I can help you first charm on the ground defeet registeel then go 5 more floors you don't need to get【Get Price】

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When you enter Aegis cave the stone says [name] checked the stone marker If you say yes it flashes and says nothing happend .dose any one know what i【Get Price】

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Dungeon: Ice Aegis Cave + Rock Aegis Cave + Steel Aegis Cave + Aegis Cave Pits They may drop an Unown stone upon defeat which will correspond with the floor (use Recruitment Search to see what Unown you can find in this floor).【Get Price】

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Nov 19 2009 NAME OF DUNGEON Requirements # of floors within the dungeon You can repeatedly enter any section of Aegis Cave until you fill up your【Get Price】

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You need unnoen stones to gat past the 3 paces in the aegis cave each floor I can't beat Quicksand Cave(B(anyLevel)F Any help beating the level & boss?【Get Price】

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Aegis Cave ばんにんのどうくつ Watchman's Cave Location information Region Sinnoh Weather Normal Kind Cave Aegis Cave (Japanese: ばん Total floors: 19.【Get Price】

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Jan 24 2009 VOTE COMMENT SUSCRIBE Im sorry cause i haded a tecnical problem with the video and i couldnt put the regirock battle :/ sorry but i couldnt【Get Price】

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Floors: 19 total Aegis Cave (Japanese: ばんにんのどうくつ Watchman's Cave) is a dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of【Get Price】

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If any of you guys out there have a Mystery Part go to the Final Maze. On floor 23AIG you'll find happy outlook floor 10. Mewtwo (darkness) = Aegis cave floor 5【Get Price】

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Amount of Floors - Ice Maze B3F + Regice's Room + Rock Maze B3F + Regirock's Room + Steel Maze B4F + Registeel's Room + Deepest Part B5F +【Get Price】

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